PSA: Do not use OneProvider Cloud

This is a rant but also a PSA.

On their website: OneCloud is our KVM based virtualization infrastructure, available in two versions: General Purpose and Storage.

I set up a storage machine for a NFS filer purpose. I had two major incidents... In two months!

After about one month uptime: Machine down, cannot be powered on again. Asked support to resolve the issue: Took a long time but the machine was restored.

Again, after about one month uptime: Machine running but disk not responding, kernel put the partition in read only mode. Fact is the disk was not even visible anymore. Restarted the machine in the panel, then drama. After a fsck -y the server is back. But I can see that their storage solution is not reliable.

Do not use OneProvider Cloud, also called OneCloud at least for their storage machines, if you want reliable storage.

On the other hand, I am really happy with Hetzner, too bad that their storage is only SSD... Expensive! I want HDD storage.